Hanoi - Pearl of the Far East and Capital of Vietnam

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam is located on the bank of Red River which is the heart of Hanoi where cruises and transportation of goods takes place. The river is rich in history in this fantastic country and Hanoi will soon celebrate thousand years at the city was founded in 1010. Go there and Enjoy Hanoi.

One main tourist attraction is the Old Quarter that was modeled by the French that occupied Vietnam 1883-1954. The Hanoi Opera House in downtown Hanoi was opened 1911. It is a copy of Opera Garnier de Paris, the oldest of Pariss opera houses and is a good example of French architecture.
The Temple of Literature is another attraction together with the Buddhist Temple One Pillar Pagoda that was constructed in 1049.  One pride of Hanoi is the Flag Tower of Hanoi where the National Flag of Vietnam is placed on the top. In the West Lake area, the largest lake in Hanoi, you also find many temples in besutiful settings.
In Phong Khe only 20 kms west from Hanoi is the large Co Loa Citadel founded 200 BC. The fortress has a 12 metres high rampart of 8 km lined with guard towers and Co Loa was a capital of Vietnam BC.
Leisure, entertainment and night clubs
Here you find more or less everything when it comes to entertainment. Dance clubs, modern and traditional theaters, movie theatres and cinemas and the films have subtitles , karaoke bars where you can sing in Vietnamese or English, bowling alleys.
If you want the number one leisure activity in the world, shopping, Hanoi is the perfect place. There are several modern shopping centers have been built in Hanoi. Metro Hanoi and Trang Tien Plaza are among the best. Or why not go the the West Lake, hire a small boat and just relax. There is also an excellent floating restaurant.
Restaurants and what to eat
Here you find cafes as well as restaurants that are serving excellent Pho Ga, rice noodles with chicken or Pho Bo which is served with beef. International and especially French cuisine is also served in some Western restaurants 
The number one dish is Banh Cuon, rolls that are covered with a thin rice flour sheet and filled with pork, mushrooms and vegetables. If you do not try this you have not tasted the real Vietnam.
For backpackers as well as big spenders there is a lot to choose from from budget places to firtst class hotels. In many ways the best place to stay is the Sofitel Metropole, a French colonial hotel from the old days.

Hanoi has a humid monsoons climate.  Rain falls during summer months (between May and September, the hottest weather is in June, with temperatures about 30C/86F); from November to March - thanks to cold north-easterly wind - it gets cooler (18C/64F) and dryer. 
Getting here and getting around
Hanoi International Airport No Ban (HAN) is 42 kms from Hanoi city centre. The trip takes 45-55 minutes with minibus. Vietnam Airlines has a minibus service at the main exit for 2 USD. When you are leaving Hanoi the minibuses leave in front of the Vietnam Airline Office where you also can buy airplane tickets. 
An airport taxi charge a flat rate of US$ 10 and the two main taxi companies are Hanoi Taxi and CP Taxi. Hanoi city buses number 07 and 17 goes directly to Hanoi city centre.

Following airlines are leaving from Terminal 1

Lobby A
Cebu Pacific, China Airlines, EVA Air, Hong Kong Airlines,  Korean Air, PMTair, Lao Airlines, Vladivostok Air. 

Lobby B
Aeroflot,  AirAsia, Thai AirAsia, Air France, Asiana Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Japan Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways International, Tiger Airways. 

Lobby C
Vietnam Airlines (International)

Lobby D (Domestic flights)
Jetstar Pacific Airlines and Vietnam Airlines (Domestic)

Time zone: GMT+7
Currency: Vietnamese dong (VND).

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